The Gender, Trauma & Violence Knowledge Incubator @ Western University (GTV Incubator) is a collective of researchers, community service leaders, educators and trainees committed to gender, trauma and violence research, policy and practice.

Our goals are to:

    1. Develop and evaluate a suite of Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care (TVIC) education and training materials, based on our collective work to date, adaptable to a variety of service contexts and tailorable to different types of learners.
    2. Establish a core group of experts to deliver the training directly, and to others who want to become educators.
    3. Expand the concept of “TVI” into other domains including research, program evaluation, policy and advocacy.
    4. Develop, resource and conduct research and evaluation.
    5. Share and mobilize this knowledge using tailored, innovative strategies.

Latest News

Featured Projects

Learn more about our study evaluating the impacts of trauma- and violence-informed care workshops here.

Helene Berman and Eugenia Canas co-edited the new book "Everyday Violence in the Lives of Youth."

Susan Caxaj co-wrote an important piece for the Canadian Science Policy Centre called "Government COVID-19 guidelines gamble on the lives of migrant agricultural workers."

Our paper titled "Preparing teachers to teach all students: Initial teacher education and trauma and violence informed care in the classroom" in Psychology in the Schools, was led by Susan Rodger and included Incubator members Kathy Hibbert, Jacqui Specht and Nadine Wathen.

Incubator members Nadine Wathen, Jessie Rodger, Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, Susan Rodger, Jen MacGregor & Eugenia Canas received a Western Catalyst Grant to study the effects of pandemic-related changes in service experiences on those using and delivering anti-violence services. We’re partnering with violence against women services in London, St. Thomas and Sarnia. The team includes Tara Mantler (Western-Health Studies), and trainees Jill Veenendaal (Western-FIMS) and Isobel McLean (University of Toronto-Architecture). A study summary is available here.

Partnering with London Police Service and Woodstock Police Service, Incubator members Barb MacQuarrie and Margaret MacPherson are developing a trauma- and violence-informed implementation model with customized training and resources on family violence. Visit Our Work to see more.