Our Work

Incubator members are developing, delivering and evaluating training and education on trauma- and violence-informed care (TVIC) to organizations and individuals across a range of health and social services, including public health, child welfare, policing, hospitals, primary health care, education and more.

A core dimension of the EQUIP Healthcare intervention, TVIC provides a series of low-cost, high impact strategies to provide safe and effective care, while addressing the needs of individual providers for safety and well-being at work, and of organizations to foster cultures of safety for everyone in their settings.

Watch Dr. Colleen Varcoe talk about TVIC, and why the “V” is so important.


[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Collaborative Development of a Protocol for Trauma- and Violence-Informed Knowledge Mobilization






The project will:

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This project is a collaboration between the University of Rwanda and Western University, led by Glorieuse Uwizeye and Nadine Wathen.

For more detail, see the project summary. [TBD]

Working Groups

Evaluation Group

Our evaluation group is actively involved developing methods and tools for understanding the effectiveness and impact of our TVIC educational approaches.

Curriculum Group

The curriculum group is evolving both our training methods (off- and online, synchronous and asynchronous) and supporting resources.

Knowledge Mobilization Group

The KMb group strategizes effective communications to key audiences, including ways to assess impact of our work in broader systems and communities.